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Prentiss County boys Basketball Stat leaders

Below are the Prentiss County high school boys basketball stat leaders through January 1st.

These stats were taken from game stats sent to us, that we kept ourselves and from Maxpreps. They are all on a per game basis.

Rankings for points, rebounds, and assists



1.) Jalon Beene, Wheeler 31.1

2.) Walker Moreland, New Site 20.7

3.) Cade Franks, Wheeler 15.0


1.) Jaymen Allen, Thrasher 11.4

2.) Jalon Beene, Wheeler 9.9

3.) Riley Hoard, Baldwyn 9.5


1.) Jacob James, Wheeler 6.9

2.) Ethan Carmichael, Baldwyn 4.9

3.) Jacob Coats, Wheeler 3.5

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